Altaxis Hotech e-accounting

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Within the framework of our constant efforts to adapt to new technologies our office in cooperation with the IT company H.O.Tech has since January 2006 fully implemented a ground-breaking and innovative corporate software support system.

This new INTERACTIVE service provides to both the accounting office and the company administration direct, continuous and parallel ONLINE access to the accounting office files. At the same time it eliminates the physical removal of primary accounting documentation (invoices, expenses, etc.) from the company headquarters. Proceeds, collections and payment documentation are recorded by the accounting office as they are issued though the system while purchases and expenses are automatically entered in the books as they are simply recorded in the system by a user who does not need particular specialization.

Audits, accounting statements, VAT statements, printing of books and all accounting support tasks are anymore performed from a distance as the physical presence of the accountant in the business is no longer necessary and naturally the accounting office files are not removed from company headquarters. And all this requires just an ADSL Internet connection.

This new accounting service is based on HOTECH’s ERP system which apart from the aforementioned long distance interactive accounting and computer support, also provides many other capabilities to the company.

This pilot system was initially presented to the accountants – tax advisors community of March 2005 and left the best impressions.

New horizons are now opening up for accounting and tax advisory support of small businesses since they too can now, at a small cost, compete on an equal basis with companies which own large, organized and expensive INHOUSE accounting offices for computerization and data processing.

This new system is already fully functional, it is being installed in new businesses at a fast pace and enjoys enthusiastic recognition by its users.

Our promise and scientific goal is to continuously develop and evolve this new service which provides new capabilities to accounting offices and businesses alike.